Tattoo Aftercare

Remember your aftercare starts the second your tattoo artist is finished.

What to do:

- Your tattoo artist will protect your new tattoo with second skin or plastic wrap to avoid irritation and friction from clothes. This will also protect your tattoo from dirt, dust, pet hair, etc.

- During the initial days, expect a small amount of fluid, composed of blood, excess ink, and plasma, to ooze from the tattoo. The skin might appear red, feel sore, and be warm to the touch.

- After 72 hours, remove the protective layer gently and begin caring for the tattoo.

- If your artist has used a second skin protective layer, you must stretch the second skin on each side rather than peel it off like a Band-Aid. When you stretch the bandage it allows the adhesive to come off the skin without disrupting the tattoo.

- To clean it, first wash your hands with soap and water, then gently cleanse the tattoo with warm water and unscented mild soap.

- Pat the skin dry with a paper towel. Do not rub and do not use a towel that you used to dry your hands or body before.

- Keeping your new tattoo moisturized for the first month is vital. After removing the protective covering and washing, apply a fragrance-free and alcohol-free moisturizer to the tattoo up to 3 times a day, or if you feel dry and itchy. Avoid using Vaseline. Special creams or any cream suitable for sensitive baby skin can be used.

- Even after your tattoo is fully healed we recommend moisturizing your skin daily.

- Although your tattoo will look vibrant when you leave the shop, the initial brightness and shine will fade over time. To maintain the color vibrancy, always apply sunscreen, especially during summer, with an SPF 45 or higher.

- We recommend waiting till your tattoo is fully healed before applying SPF. In the meantime please make sure to wear sun-protective clothing if you risk exposing your new ink to the sun.

- Some tattoos, particularly colored ones or those done with gray wash, may need touch-ups. These can be done after 3-5 weeks.

During the healing process, you should:

- Wear sun-protective clothing when outside.

- Consult your tattoo artist or a doctor if you observe signs of infection or encounter any other problems.

What NOT to do:

- Scratch or pick at your tattoo, if it feels dry or itchy this is a good time to apply moisturizer.

- Apply sunblock on your tattoo until it's fully healed.

- Wear tight clothes over the tattooed area.

- Swim or immerse your body in water, or visit saunas or hammams. However, showers are usually safe during the healing process.

- No Gym, Sauna, Pool, Jacuzzi or extra sweating for 2 weeks. It will help your lines to heal even and your shading to stay where it belongs.

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