Piercing Aftercare

Remember your aftercare starts the second your piercer is finished. Diligent piercing aftercare ensures you heal properly, faster, and more comfortably.

What to do:

Step 1: Daily Cleaning

You should clean your piercing 3-5 times daily. The jewellery should be left inside the piercing until it has completely healed. Removing and reinserting jewellery will lead to irritation and risk the piercing closing over if the jewellery is out too long.

Start by washing your hands, then gently apply an saline solution to the entry and exit holes of your new piercing. You can also clean any visible parts of the jewellery without pushing or pulling on it. Spend a minimum of 30 seconds cleaning the area with cleaning solution.

Pat dry with paper towel or allow to air dry. Cloth towels can have bacteria on them and should be avoided until your piercing is fully healed.

Step 2: Sea Salt Soak

Using a sterile saline solution, soak the piercing at least once weekly. Soak a gauze pad, or paper towel, in the solution and apply gently press it to both sides of the piercing. Leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Step 3: Protect

Thoughout your aftercare you want to make sure you dont upset the piercing. The biggest aspect: STOP TOUCHING YOUR PIERCING.

Avoid wearing clothing that could push or pull on your piercing. For example, with an ear piercing you may want to avoid wearing hats or sleeping on that side of your head.

You also want to keep your piercing dry, expect when you are cleaning or soaking.

During the healing process, you should:

Eat Healthy and Drink lots of water.

Consult your Piercer or a doctor if you observe signs of infection or encounter any other problems.

Check your beads daily and tighten if needed

Always wash your hands before touching your piercing

Choose initial piercing jewellery that will not move or catch. You can change the jewellery after healing.

What NOT to do:

Do not go swimming or soak in water if your piercing will be submerged.

Do not twist or turn your piercing.

Avoid people's saliva coming into contact.

Never Ever use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Do not apply makeup or fragrances directly on the new piercing.

If you have any questions or concerns during your piercing aftercare contact your piercing artist. They are happy to help and have experience with most common issues.
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