Coquette Tattoo Ideas

Bustle: 13 Coquette Tattoo Ideas Inspired By Hailey Bieber’s Dainty Bow

January 15, 2024

While 2023 was most definitely the year of the bow, the coquette aesthetic will still be on-trend in 2024, especially in the tattoo world.

Case in point? Hailey Bieber, the queen of micro ink, recently debuted the most classic coquette tat you can get: a dainty, fine-line bow.

As the queen of balletcore, Bieber has been adding dancerly details, like ribbons and bows, to her look for years. But according to Anastasiia Gatsko, a tattoo artist and owner of G Tattoo & Piercing, bows aren’t the only way to lean into the coquette vibe.


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